City Slickers representing countries from around the world, come to Canada’s Great White North and compete for trophy, prizes  and nation pride in “Fish Blast”, a reality-based/comedy TV show.

All participants are organized by nationality, with 36 countries represented. In each half hour episode, six contestants square off.

See them get introduced, for the very first time, to mosquitos, black flies, deer flies, leaches, understanding that cologne, perfume and hair spray is something you don’t want to have on in the bush. Watch as they come face to face with beavers, moose, wolves and bears. They canoe down rapids, portage through thick bush and swamps. This ain’t no Miami Beach, you know!  

After all that they have 5 hours to find, make & win their lures, learn to fish for the very first time, then go and catch the biggest fish.

The winners move on to the next round, the losers are sent packing, back to the city… 

Canadian Cartel